Assisting members in their professional development is an important role of professional societies which are members of CEMT. Such development may be through academic study, research and development or employment, and require access to such information as may be held in published papers, journals, libraries etc.


The member societies of CEMT publish a wide range of technical  journals and papers, covering not not technical developments, but also economic and general problems as felt and presented by associations of ship owners, shipbuilders, associated industries, employees representations and when relevant, politicians.  Many of these publications are available to non members of the CEMT Societies.

CEMT Society Journals


CEMT Bulletin

The CEMT Bulletin contains articles and reports published by member societies which relate to the maritime industry and their members' professional activities in their countries, but which may also be of interest and relevance to professional engineers in other countries of Europe. The Bulletin also includes reports of Council meetings.

 CEMT Bulletin


CEMT Library Network

A number of member societies have libraries or links with libraries containing information about the design, construction and management of marine vessels and structure which is also accessible to members of other CEMT member societies.  Such access may be subject to restriction on timings of access, borrowing etc.

CEMT Libraries Network

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Papers of Significance

Each year, outstanding papers of significance to the European maritime industry, written by members of each CEMT Society, are published on the CEMT website

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