The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies

The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT) is an independent confederation of professional institutions (those involved in education and professional development) and learned societies (those facilitating the exchange of information) in the field of maritime technology.   

CEMT provides a forum for the exchange of information and views by the constituent societies on matters relating to the education and professional development of naval architects, marine engineers and others in the field of maritime technology.

Through its member Societies, CEMT is able to call upon the knowledge, skills and experience of over 60,000 professional naval architects, marine engineers and others in the field of maritime technology. It is therefore uniquely placed to contribute to the success of the European maritime industry.


The members of CEMT are those professional institutions and learned societies whose Headquarters are in Europe, and  whose members are involved in the  field of maritime technology. Other organisations involved in the education of maritime engieers in Europe may apply to become Associate Members

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CEMT is registered as an independent foundation, and is funded solely by its member societies.  CEMT has NGO status with the UN and EU.

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The member societies of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT) have formally agreed to co-operate in the publication and discussion of technical and scientific information which relates to the art and science of naval architecture and marine engineering.

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CEMT organises the annual International Conference  on Postgraduate Research in the Field of Maritime Technology (PostGradMarTec).

PostGradMarTec provides an opportunity for younger postgraduates to present and discuss their work, and to meet with other postgraduates from universities and industry in a conference environment.

CEMT Member Societies also organise a wide range of international events, to which members of all Societies are welcome, as presenterd or delegates.

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The CEMT Award is presented annually to individuals or organisations which are considered to have made a significant contribution to the success of the European Maritime industry. 

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Careers in Maritime Engineering

CEMT provides information and advice about  Careers in Maritime Engineering, including academic courses and working as a professional engineer in Europe. 

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Reports on CEMT activities and Items of interest to engineers in the European maritime industry  are regularly posted on the CEMT Linkedin page


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