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The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies has Non-Government Organisation (NGO) status with the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) and is represented on the European Committee for Standards in Inland Navigation (CESNI) by ATENA.

CESNI Meeting 11 APRIL 2024


European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation


The European Committee for drawing up Standards in the field of Inland Navigation (CESNI) met in Strasbourg (France) on 11 April 2024. The meeting was chaired by Mr Ivan Bilić-Prcić, representing Croatia. The Member States present adopted the new edition of the ES-QIN, the European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation. They also approved certain explanatory notices to the ES-QIN 2024/1 and ES-TRIN 2023/1. Finally, they validated guidelines that define the competences needed to operate vessels using alternative technologies.


A report of the meeting is at

Communication from CESNI Secretariat 14 Apr 2024

Draft European standard laying down technical requirements for inland navigation vessels

The CESNI Secretariat has submitted a draft Standard laying down technical requirements for inland navigation vessels ES-TRIN (Edition 2025/1). This draft standard incorporates the various amendments identified by the CESNI/PT Working Group in its summary CESNI/PT (23) 1 rev. 3, concerning in particular the following areas:. 

  • Low flashpoint fuels, in particular storage and use of methanol,
  • Marking of hazardous areas and labelling of fuels,
  • Electric propulsion systems,
  • Lithium-ion accumulators,
  • Use of aluminium or fibre reinforced plastic for the construction of passenger vessels,
  • Abandonment of engine parameter protocol,
  • Recognition of field-testing exemption for engines,
  • Filling connections and appropriate colour codes,
  • Navigation and information equipment, in particular Inland AIS equipment,
  • Sewage treatment plants,
  • Elevating wheelhouses and transitional provisions for retractable wheelhouses,
  • Automatic pressurised water sprinkler systems,
  • Connecting pieces between anchor and chain,
  • Sleeping cabins,
  • Updating of references to the Regulations for Rhine Navigation Personnel, to the ES-RIS 2025/1 and to international standards but also editorial corrections.

The Committee examined the draft ES-TRIN 2025/1, addressed the outstanding questions for Chapter 11 (see CESNI (24) 12 rev. 1) and decided to put it on the agenda for the meeting to be held on 17 October 2024, with a view to its adoption.

Note: As ES-TRIN 2025/1 could come into force on 1.1.2026, there are transitional provisions that will expire in the meantime (in particular those with an expiry date of 1.1.2015). The Secretariat deleted the transitional provisions concerned in the draft ES-TRIN 2025/1.


The annex is located on website under CESNI 2024 EN – cesni24_05en_rev1_ann1