Careers in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are professional engineers who are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of ships, boats, offshore structures and equipments, both civil and military, including:

  • Merchant ships - Oil/Gas Tankers, Cargo Ships, Cruise Liners, etc
  • Passenger/Vehicle Ferries
  • Warships - Frigates, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Ships,
  • Submarines, Semi Submersibles and underwater vehicles
  • Offshore Drilling Platforms.
  • High Speed Craft - Hovercraft, Multi-Hull Ships, Hydrofoil Craft, etc
  • Workboats - Fishing Vessels, Tugs, Pilot Vessels, Rescue Craft etc
  • Yachts, Power Boats and other recreational craft

Some of these are among the largest,  most complex and highly valued moveable structures produced by mankind, using the latest technology in their design, construction and operation.  Without them to provide for the safe and efficient transport and recovery of the world's raw materials and products, modern society as we know it could not exist. 

Naval Architects and Marine Engineers have a wide range of employment opportunities, both in their own country, in other countries of Europe and beyond.  These include:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations
  • Regulation, Surveying and Overseeing
  • Research and Development
  • Education and Training

Each type of work has its own distinctive character and offers opportunities for initiative and imagination in a wide variety of technical and managerial posts as well as opportunities for foreign travel.  The work place may be a large company, a small group, a consultancy or a government department.

The wide range of career opportunities available to naval architects and marine engineers working in the European Maritime industry is shown in the career profiles of young engineers who are members of the professional societies which form the European Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies.