The rules concerning the Naval Architect and Marine Engineer profession are different from one country to another. In some countries there is no particular rules, in others an official recognition or a registration is necessary.

If you have in your country a recognized Naval Architect and Marine Engineer diploma and want to go working in another EU country in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, this document will provide you information about how the naval architect and marine engineer qualification is handle in the CEMT member countries, i.e.

Denmark - France - Germany - Greece - Italy -  Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Serbia - Spain - Turkey - UK

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Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are professional engineers who are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of ships, boats, offshore structures and equipments, both civil and military, including:

  • Merchant ships - Oil/Gas Tankers, Cargo Ships, Cruise Liners, etc
  • Passenger/Vehicle Ferries
  • Warships - Frigates, Destroyers, Aircraft Carriers, Amphibious Ships,
  • Submarines, Semi Submersibles and underwater vehicles
  • Offshore Drilling Platforms.
  • High Speed Craft - Hovercraft, Multi-Hull Ships, Hydrofoil Craft, etc
  • Workboats - Fishing Vessels, Tugs, Pilot Vessels, Rescue Craft etc
  • Yachts, Power Boats and other recreational craft