Publications of Interest

The following new or recent publications of interest to the European Maritime industry are recommended by member societies of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies.  Please note that CEMT has no financial interest in publications listed)

Design of Contemporary Inland Waterway Vessels – The Case of the Danube River

Authors:  Radojčić, D., Simić, A., Momčilović, N., Motok, M., Friedhoff, B.


Currently, about 45 million tonnes of goods is transported on the Danube waterway and its navigable tributaries. This book provides an important decision-making aid for the upcoming modernization of Danube navigation. It not only provides important knowledge bases for prospective naval architects, but also gives valuable input in an understandable form for the barging sector facing investment decisions for the Danube fleet. The book also offers valuable insights for representatives of public authorities responsible for creating the necessary regulatory framework for successful Danube navigation.

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