Non Government Status (NGO) Activities


UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

 The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies has Non Government  Organization (NGO) consultative status with the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and is represented  on the Working Party on Inland Water Transport by ATENA. 

International Conference on Inland Navigation.

CEMT has recommended and stated its  support for a “High-level international conference on inland navigation”, to accelerate the process of pan-European harmonization of inland navigation rules.  It has since been decided that such a conference will be organised in 2017.


Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR)

The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies has Non Government  Organization (NGO) status with the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine and is represented on the European Committee for Standards in Inland Navigation (CESNI) by ATENA

11 May 2017 - Budapest - Danube Commission hosts CESNI working group

Thefirst ever meeting of the European Committee for drawing up standards in the field of inland navigation (“CESNI”), or rather of the working group on Professional Qualifications at the Danube Commission in Budapest.

Experts from many European countries joined with representatives of the European Commission, the Danube, Rhine and Sava Commissions and the recognised associations in discussing the initial drafts of competencies standards and medical fitness criteria for crew members aboard inland waterway vessels. Particular prominence was given to the presentation of a proposal for describing the professional competence facing tomorrow’s boatman and boat masters.

This was accompanied by an exchange of views on the future directive on the recognition of professional inland navigation qualifications in Europe’s river basins, currently being discussed by the EU legislator. The participants were also able to find out about ongoing and envisaged projects, in particular the Danube Skills and Sector Skills Alliance projects.

CESNI meeting 23-24 February  2016 - Strasbourg.

At the meeting, CEMT expressed its view that  the 2006/87/CE Directive for vessels not exceeding 24 m in length and authorised to carry up to a maximum of 150 passengers was impractical and  not ecconomic for for small passenger ships carrying out  daily trips.

Amendments to the Directive were proposed by CEMT, and these will be discussed at the next meeting.