European Committee for Standards in Inland Navigation (CESNI) - Reports of Activities

The Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies has Non Government  Organization (NGO) status with the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) and is represented on the European Committee for Standards in Inland Navigation (CESNI) by ATENA.  

Report Nov 2020 (ATENA)

  • Update from CESNI Inland Navigation Meetings

European Directive EC 2016/1629  lays  down the technical requirements for inland waterways vessels.  Concern has been expressed that the Directive was based in full on the regulations applicable to the Rhine which were designed for large cargo and cruise ships, and are not appropriate for small vessels.  

Following representations from many countries on the inapplicability of the Directive to all inland water way vessels, the CESNI Commission in Strasbourg instituted a number of meetings, resulting in the acknowledgment in 2018 by the various delegations of the need to update some requirements of the Directive, in particular those of small passenger ships (under 24 m and with a capacity of less than 150 pax). Full update on CESNI Inland Navigation Meetings 

  •  “Turning moment” – specification of the conditions of full-scale tests, model tests or calculations), as given in CESNI/PT/Pax (20)m 23

In response to the inquiry put forward by the Secretariat on the matter of evaluation the need of an ESI to specify further the conditions of full-scale tests, model tests or calculations, Sea Europe, CEMT and Croatia Register of Shipping provide the following recommendations, based on ITTC recommended procedures and guidelines1:  Recommendations by  Sea Europe, CEMT and Croatia Register of Shipping