2023 CEMT Award

The 2023  Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies Award is presented to  Konüiklijke Nederlandse Vereniging Van Technici op Scheepvaartgebied (KNVTS)  in recognition of the significant contribution which it has made to the success of the Dutch and European maritime industry over the past 125 years through its work in encouraging and assisting its members to achieve the highest standards of professional competence and integrity."  

2023 CEMT AwardKonüiklijke Nederlandse Vereniging Van Technici op Scheepvaartgebied (KNVTS) was founded in 1898 as the Association of Mechanical Engineers in the Merchant Navy  In 1916 the name was changed to the Association of Shipping Technicians. And on the occasion of the centenary of the association in 1998, it was awarded the title of  'Royal' and continues today as the Royal Dutch Association of Shipping Technicians, that is KNVTS.

The Award was presented by the Chairnam of CEMT, Trevor Blakeley, to the Chairman of KNVTS, Ton Bos.