Papers of Significance

Each year, outstanding papers of significance to the European maritime industry, written by members of each CEMT Society, are published on the CEMT website. View all papers (Dropbox).


Safety of autonomous inland vessels: An analysis of regulatory barriers in the present technical standards in Europe
Igor Bačkalov. Published in the Safety Science Journal (2020)

  • This paper presents an analysis of technical regulations addressing the safety of inland cargo vessels in Europe, in light of the developments leading towards the introduction of autonomous ships in inland navigation.

Damage Stability of River Cruisers: A Case for Harmonization of International Regulations
I Bačkalov and M Vidić. Published in the Proceedings of the Sustainable and Safe Passenger Ships conference (Athens 2020)

  • Rapid growth of the river cruising industry brings the safety of inland passenger ships into spotlight. A review of the existing safety regulations, however, exposes the fact that a common international regulatory framework for inland vessels currently does not exist. The paper presents damage stability assessment of a state-of-the-art European inland passenger vessel (the so-called river cruiser) performed according to the requirements of the regulations which are presently in force in Europe and worldwide.


The Sophistication Of Early Stage Design For Complex Vessels 
Professor D Andrews. Published in the International Journal of Maritime Engineering (Royal Institution of Naval Architects)

  • It is considered that this paper, which was a synthesis of his previously published research on ship design, was a seminal paper which sets the benchmark for ship designers looking to exploit new technology and techniques. As such, the paper was considered to be essential reading for all naval architects and marine engineers, and not just those working in concept design