Javier De Juana

SpainI studied a six years degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) where a had the opportunity to spend some time in the University of Strathclyde (UK) within the ERASMUS student exchange program.

After graduating in 2002, my first job was in a Madrid (Spain) based company called SENER. I was part of the team that develops the FORAN System which is a software package for ship design and manufacturing used by shipyards around the world. My duties involved the development and customer support of FORAN Naval Architecture Modules (Hull Forms, Ship Stability,…).

I have always being very keen in learning new things. Being based in Madrid gave me the opportunity to continuing studying the doctoral courses in Naval Architecture at UPM. My selected subjects were Ship safety, Mathematical methods in hydrodynamics, Seakeeping and Curves and surfaces in CAD design. After these courses I completed the two years Master of Advanced Studies (DEA) in 2004 with a thesis on “Parametric roll modeling in longitudinal seas”.

I join Puerto Real NAVANTIA Shipyard (Spain) in 2003 as part of the Naval Architecture Team where I covered a quite big range of tasks (Initial Ship Dimensioning, Technical Documentation development  like Stability Booklet, Fire Control Plan, Evacuation Plan, Damage Control Plan, Inclining Experiments, Sea Trials Reports,…) and ship types (Naval Ships, Yacht, Ferry, LNG, …). This was a very rewarding stage in my career because I could follow the ships from the drawings up to the dock where being built.

I moved to London in 2006 to join Lloyd’s Register Design Support Services. I was part of the stability team being involved in plan approval work, client support/training and Marine Business Development projects. I had the opportunity to manage some projects and work with worldwide teams which I found fascinating.

I was also a member of the Lloyd’s Register Ship Emergency Response Service (SERS) Standby On-Call Team where I was involved in 12 ship emergencies (groundings, collisions, flooding …) and more than 20 drills. The role was as exciting as it sounds.

I finally moved to my former employer (NAVANTIA) in 2009 where I am currently working as Head of General Design Section in the Madrid Office. I work with seven naval architects and draughtsman to develop contract stage designs and supporting the shipyards as required.

Since graduation, I have got a strong interest in the International Maritime Organization matters & developments. As you know, IMO is an international body devoted to the improvement of maritime safety and the prevention of marine pollution. During the last 10 years, regardless of my employer, I have got the opportunity to attend to more than twelve regulatory meetings at IMO. This has given me the opportunity to meet people all around the world. I find the experience very rewarding and fulfilling.

I have published few articles and books as well as I have provided training courses are related to IMO developments or Conventions.

My ten year varied career since graduation has given me so many opportunities to learn and develop myself. Naval Architecture is a global profession which has allowed me to meet very interesting people and to work many times in a very exciting and rewarding international environment.