Magdalena Rudnicka MSc Eng

Magdalena Rudnicka MSc Eng Poland

I graduated in 1998 from the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economy, where I gained an engineering diploma in the Organisation of Production Systems. Since then, I have developed my knowledge in this area by taking  part in a number of training and seminars orientated on corporate organisation methods and human resources management.  In 2005, I completed post graduate studies in human resources management

After finishing my studies I started working at the Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk, initially as a specialist for organisation matters. Later on, I was promoted to my current position as a manager of the office assisting the  Management Board. My major responsibilities include the arrangement of meetings of corporate authorities such as the Board and Supervisory Board and the General Assembly; updating all formal corporate documents including shareholders book; supervising of informative and promoting papers issued by the yard and many others directly connected with the company organisation structure; and general organisation issues. The Northern Shipyard is the only new-building yard in

Poland with positive figures, and an essential part of this success is its efficient organisation to which I have contributed, not only in my routine tasks but also in ensuring that changes of shipyard presidents and Board members are carried out effectively. My present position has presented the biggest challenge of my career. I think my engineering background and understanding of production processes much helped me in organising of my office work, in always being orientated to what is most important, in recognising that production must go on, and in ensuring that all procedures are effectively.  

The thing I feel most proud happened on 2 April 2009. I was offered the honour to be a Godmother of an AHTS vessel, being built in Northern Shipyard for Tidewater Marine ­ an American owner. Being a member of The Society of Polish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers “KORAB” (as a board member), has given me a good opportunity to exchange view with my more experience fellows.