Rastko Simic

SimicSerbian flagI graduated from the Department of Naval Architecture in the University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2011. After the graduation I started working for Elomatic d.o.o., the company with long and strong history in shipbuilding industry. After more than a year in Elomatic, I have started PhD studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.During my MSc studies, I have become especially interested in ship efficiency. Therefore, I decided to choose the topic related to the energy efficiency of ships as my MSc thesis. Namely, I applied and analyzed few energy efficiency indexes (EEDI, EEOI and some indexes from shipping KPI standard) on the project of a feeder ship.

During my work in the Elomatic as a Naval Architect, I gained lot of experience from the praxis. My role was developing and designing a lot of different systems in a machinery space of state-of-the-art cruise-ferry which uses LNG as a fuel. I spent three months in the Elomatic’s headquarters in Turku, Finland. There, alongside with my professional engagement, I thoroughly enjoyed working in a truly international environment.I decided to enroll the PhD studies because I found that ships’ energy efficiency is really something that drives me forward. I have started PhD studies on October 2012.

Now, I am working on something that naturally continues on my MSc thesis, and this is Life-Cycle Energy Management of ships. Making as efficient ship as possible on the one side and complying with the rules on the other side in a way of finding the best compromise solution represents very demanding but exciting task.Working within the academia in the field of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering gives an opportunity to collaborate with people with different professional background, people from all around the world and this is something that I really enjoy being part of