International Conference on Postgraduate Research in Maritime Technology 2023


The Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT) on behalf of the Confederation of the European Maritime Technology (CEMT) organized online on November 29, 2023, the International Conference on Postgraduate Research in Maritime Technology (PostGradMarTech 2023). The PostGradMarTech provides an annual opportunity for postgraduate students from around the world to present and discuss their research with the maritime industry community.

The Conference was opened by the President of HIMT Dr. N. Liapis, who welcome everyone and, among other topics, referred to the rapid technological developments facing shipping and especially the decarbonization and digitization. Therefore, Dr. N. Liapis emphasized that the maritime community should keep up with the new era and invest in research and education for the development of all these new technologies that will support the transition towards sustainable shipping.

Then, Mr. Gr. Grigoropoulos took over the coordination of the first panel during which the following scientific papers were presented:

1. Computation of Added Mass Coefficients of DARPA Suboff Using Two Different Solvers of OpenFOAM

2. Steady-state hydrodynamic model of a towed underwater vehicle

3. A Novel Experimental Approach to the Aerodynamic Testing of Wind Assisted Ship and Yacht Sails

4. Ammonia as a Marine Fuel Towards Decarbonization Emission Control Challenges

The second panel of the Conference was moderated by Mr. G. Cottrell during which which the following scientific papers were presented:

5. Displacement effect on Minimum Drag of a Torpedo-Shaped Underwater Vehicle

6. Assessing Fishing Vessel Operability under Changing Loads: A Case Study in the Java Sea

7. Unveiling the potential of advanced models for main engine power of RO-PAX ferries with neural networks and fuzzy logic

8. Onboard particulate and gaseous emission measurements from slow speed marine engine equipped with open-loop scrubber under real world operation

Members of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT) and the Confederation of the European Maritime Technology (CEMT), executives of shipping companies and students from all over the world, attended the conference with particular interest.

Τhe Conference was concluded by Mr. G. Cottrell who thanked the audience for their participation and the very interesting questions raised.


Papers presented at PostGradMarTec 2023 may be freely downloaded from Dropbox  


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