Marcin Skrzyński MSc Eng

I am a structural engineer with solid background in strength FEM calculations, working currently in Deltamarin Poland, part of Deltamarin Ltd. - a ship design, offshore engineering and construction group operating in the marine and offshore industries worldwide.


My adventure with engineering began in 1999 at Gdynia Maritime University when I started a higher education course in the field of transport, specializing in Port and Fleet Exploitation. My bachelor thesis covered many aspects of container handling systems in major European ports. Frankly speaking, I was so fascinated with maritime technology that I decided to go further on and develop my knowledge in this area, in designing ships.


Therefore, I continued my education at Gdansk University of Technology in the field of the Construction of Ships and Ocean Engineering Objects. For a few next  years I was attending very interested technical lectures and workshops. I was graduated after submitting Master’s thesis on optimization of the cross-section of pillars and the connection between pillars and decks’ structure in large car carriers where I proposed a new sophisticated design, which was the solution for current technical problems encountered by designers in shipyards and design offices. My great effort was rewarded by winning the 2008 RINA – KORAB Student Naval Architect Award for an MSc project.


The technical university courses, an industrial internship in Gdynia Shipyard (in the production and design office) and an internship in a classification society prepared me well for my first real job as a structural engineer, which I started in Des Art design office in 2007. My responsibility was to perform strength FEM calculations for various types of ships (car carriers, cruise ships, transportation vessels and offshore units) according to the rules and regulations of classification societies and other international standards under the supervision of highly experienced experts. My job requested carrying analyses at all possible levels - local analyses, cargo hold and global analyses.


Let me say that I also was lucky to gain experience in strength FEM analyses of aluminum and steel truss structures for civil engineering objects and strength FEM analyses for different types of trains for the railway industry. It was really very requiring job which led me to meet a new challenge.


At the beginning of 2011 I started working for Bombardier Transportation in Germany as a structural engineer and CAE consultant for the railway industry. I took part in projects such as aluminum high speed passenger trains from the Zefiro family and medium speed steel trains by performing strength and fatigue calculations for the whole car bodies as well as the outfitting equipment. It was a valuable time for me. Working in one of the strongest calculation teams in Europe with people of different backgrounds and nationalities was interesting and amazing experience. Let me say that I benefited greatly being in a team with experienced designers, having direct access to advance nonlinear calculation methods, powerful computers, and sharing unlimited knowledge of my team fellows while successfully accomplishing projects.


At the end of 2014, I got another opportunity to broaden my knowledge on designing ships and offshore structures in Deltamarin Poland. Therefore, I moved back to Gdansk ready to start a new challenge. As a structural designer I take part in strength calculations of many different types of ships for maritime and offshore industry.This is a short description of my career to date. What is the next? – at this moment  I really don’t know, but I must say I always have a feeling to go further on in finding new challenging projects, at the same time effectively utilizing my skills and knowledge and looking for solutions that work. Simply keep going!