Ivan Stojanovic

StojanavicSerbian flagIn 2012 I graduated from University of Belgrade by MSc Naval Architecture and BSc Mechanical Engineering (with Naval Architecture as a major) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 2012.  During the last year of my studies, I had an opportunity to go abroad and participate in the student exchange programme sponsored by European Commissions Erasmus Mundus Programme. 

As until the start of the Programme I have already finished the most of my exams I decided to extend my knowledge by taking MSc Project Management, Finance and Risk course at City University London.

During my stay in London, after I finished the Programme, I was fortunate to start a summer internship at University College London (UCL). I was involved in redesigning and updating of the MTEC (Marine Technology Education Consortium) short course ­ Marine Engineering. I also held a tutorial lectures for the students on this course. The most interesting part of the internship was running a ship model resistance tests at UCL’s Towing Tank, performed for the teaching purposes.

After successfully completing the internship I was fortunate to be offered a fully sponsored place for PhD studies, at the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at UCL, where I am currently enrolled.
My PhD thesis considers stability assessment of a novel, unconventional trimaran ship design ­ TriSWACH (Trimaran Small Waterplane Area Centre Hull). The main objective is to explore the stability in both intact and damage cases, examine the compliance with current stability rules and regulations and assess its behaviour on waves (and parametric resonance problem). This project will also examine the consequences to hydrodynamic performance caused by modification of the hullform (changes in the shape and a position of the sidehulls). Which is particularly exciting for me is that this assessment will involve a limited series of model tests, which are to be performed at the Stevens Institute of Technology in USA, as a part of personnel exchange between these two institutions.

Apart from my studies, I also had a chance to gain some industrial experience by having an internship at yacht production facility in Belgrade ­ Art Of Kinetik. I had a chance to collaborate with experienced engineers in the final stage of production of 19 meters long luxurious yacht, and to participate the sea trials.

Finally it is very exciting to do a research in the field of naval architecture at one of the best universities in the world, supported by leading experts and institutions in industry, followed by a truly international working environment.