Connecting Maritime Engineers in Europe

The Confederation of European Matitime Technology Societies (CEMT) provides a forum for the exchange of information and views by the constituent societies on matters relating to the education and professional development of naval architects, marine engineers and others in the field of maritime technology. CEMT provides a link with European and international maritime organisations, by which the constituent societies and their members may be informed of matters relating to the education and professional development of maritime engineers, being discussed or considered by those organisations. 

 Organisation & Membership

4cb80a8e-08dd-4851-a53f-88b1a3aafeb8Professional institutions and learned societies in the field of maritime technology in the countries of Europe are eligible to become members of CEMT.

The Confederation is governed by a Council of representatives of each constituent society. The Chairman of the Council is a senior member of a constituent society, elected by the Council, and serves for a period of two years. The Council meets twice a year, and is served by a permanent Secretary.  CEMT is registered as an independent foundation, and is funded solely by its members. More about Organisation & Membership

Agreement of Cooperation

 757457f8-33e9-4e55-9442-49022c34eaa7By this Agreement, the member societies of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT) confirm their cooperation in the publication and discussion of technical and scientific information relating to the art and science of naval architecture and marine engineering.

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Code of Professional Conduct

msc-tessaThe Council of the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies considers that every naval architect, marine engineer and other professional engineer in the maritime industry, should at all times carry out their professional work in accordance with the following principles listed in the CEMT Code of Professional Conduct, whether bound by statutory requirement or not.

More about the CEMT Code of Professiona Conduct

Non Government Organisation (NGO) Status

hmm-algeciras-flikr-source-ramon-kok-1095CEMT has Non Government Organisation (NGO) status with the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR). 

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